August 26, 2020

Frank P. Crivello of Phoenix Investors Discusses Checklists

Frank P. Crivello of Phoenix Investors Discusses Checklists

Frank P. Crivello of Phoenix Investors Discusses Giving Up Manual Tracking in Favor of Putting Your Checklists Online

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Most industrial businesses have a variety of assigned tasks that must be repeated on a regular basis. Monthly, weekly, or daily checklists offer a simple, but effective way of keeping track of important duties. Many facilities use clipboards and paper checklists, spreadsheets, or other localized means to facilitate various checklists. Manual checklists have shortcomings, however. Clipboards can be misplaced, and hard drives can crash, causing your team to lose all their progress.

As the supply chain goes increasingly digital, warehouses and distribution centers are putting more functions into the cloud. Cloud-based software and apps offer convenience and improved effectiveness over outdated manual processes, allowing facilities to increase efficiency and mitigate the risk of human error.

At Phoenix Logistics, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, pushing checklists online allowed us to respond more quickly to issues across our facilities. With an extensive portfolio of food and cold chain clients, Phoenix has comprehensive sanitation checklists that must be completed and tracked to remain compliant with industry regulations.

Rather than relying on clipboards or spreadsheets, Phoenix developed an app for its daily sanitation safety log. Here are some of the features of the sanitation app:

  • Convenience. Easily shared and updates in the cloud, ensuring that anyone who accesses it will see the most updated version of the checklist.
  • Accountability. As employees finish items on the list, they complete them with a digital signature, allowing management to track which employee completed the task.
  • Reminders. If a completed list is not submitted by 12:00 p.m. on any given day, an automated email is sent to the site team leaders informing them which items still need to be completed.

Phoenix Logistics also implemented an online checklist solution for its pre-shift equipment log. Each day, employees must inspect equipment and enter it into the log. Supervisors receive an automated daily email that reports if inspections are not completed. Some of the primary features of the pre-shift equipment online checklist include:

    • Damage. Users report any equipment damage they discover at the beginning of their shifts, helping to maintain an overall list of asset conditions and repair needs.
    • Exceptions. Employees have the option to enter exceptions into the app as they perform their pre-shift equipment checks, ensuring that even unusual or unique circumstances still get digitally reported.
    • Follow-up. The checklist pushes follow-ups to ensure that previously reported issues have been properly addressed.
    • Reminders. Employees receive scheduled reminders for additional tasks—for example, maintenance that needs to be performed monthly.

Both checklists feature a versatile “skyscraper” functionality, allowing users to continue adding items to the list as additional responsibilities arise. All activity in the checklists is logged and can be tracked by users and management to identify areas for improvement.

About Phoenix Investors & Phoenix Logistics

Founded in 1994, Phoenix Investors and its affiliates (collectively “Phoenix”) are a leader in the acquisition, development, renovation, and repositioning of industrial facilities throughout the United States. Utilizing a disciplined investment approach and successful partnerships with institutional capital sources, corporations, and public stakeholders, Phoenix has developed a proven track record of generating superior risk-adjusted returns, while providing cost-efficient lease rates for its growing portfolio of national tenants. Its efforts inspire and drive the transformation and reinvigoration of the economic engines in the communities it serves, currently encompassing over 30 million square feet. Phoenix continues to be defined by thoughtful relationships, sophisticated investment tools, cost-efficient solutions, and a reputation for success.

As an affiliate of giant industrial real estate firm Phoenix Investors, Phoenix Logistics quickly secures real estate solutions across its portfolio of over 30 million square feet or leverages its market and financial strength to quickly source and acquire real estate to meet our clients’ needs. At Phoenix Logistics, we provide specialized support in locating and attaining the correct logistics solutions for every client we serve.

Mr. Frank P. Crivello began his real estate career in 1982, focusing his investments in multifamily, office, industrial, and shopping center developments across the United States. From 1994 to 2008, Mr. Crivello assisted Phoenix Investors in its execution of its then business model of acquiring net lease commercial real estate across the United States. Since 2009, Mr. Crivello has assisted Phoenix Investors in the shift of its core focus to the acquisition of industrial real estate throughout the country.

Given his extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate, Mr. Crivello provides strategic and operational input to Phoenix Investors and its affiliated companies.

Mr. Crivello received a B.A., Magna Cum Laude, from Brown University and the London School of Economics, while completing a double major in Economics and Political Science; he is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Outside of his business interests, Mr. Crivello invests his time, energy, and financial support across a wide net of charitable projects and organizations.

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